Contributions on Libya and Egypt:

A few quotes from an interview on military developments around the city of Sirt, stronghold of the Islamic State in Libya, Libération (5 May 2016):

Le Monde
Interview on the political process, the role of tribes and the importance of reconciliation in Libya, Le Monde (20 February 2016):

La Croix
Interview on the expansion of Daesh in Libya and the possible means to counter it, La Croix (6 January 2016):

GEOPOLITIQUE - LE DEBAT: "Libye: une nouvelle intervention militaire est-elle possible?"
Debate on the situation in Libya after the signature of the UN-sponsored political accord and on the possibility of strikes against IS (2 January 2016):

Interview on the situation in Libya and the possibility of foreign strikes against IS, RTL (8 December 2015):

A few comments on the situation of pro-Qadhafi constituencies in the new political context, Libération (21 August 2015):

GEOPOLITIQUE - LE DEBAT: "Libye: course contre la montre dans l'espoir d'un accord"
Debate on the situation in Libya, with Patrick Haimzadeh and Emmanuel Rimbert (13 June 2015):

GEOPOLITIQUE - LE DEBAT: "Libye, de la révolution au chaos"
Debate on the situation in Libya, with Ali Bensaad and Pierre Vermeren (14 February 2015):


A short commentary on the situation in Libya and the issue of national dialogue published in Mediapart (25 November 2014):


"Compromise in Libya, a fraught task but not an impossible one". Commentary published by Middle East Eye (18 November 2014):

A short comment to Mathieu Galtier, for French daily Libération (2 September 2014), about what was (partly) at stake behind "Operation Dignity" in Libya.
The quotation is from a much longer phone interview conducted early July:

Based on the same interview, another quotation by Mathieu Galtier, in "Le Magazine de l'Afrique" (August/September 2014, n°139). On the involvement of important Eastern tribes in "Operation Dignity" and the relationship between Libyan tribes and islamist groups:

"Les diplomaties occidentales et la tentation du familier", 22 August 2013